Sunday, April 10, 2011

there's something about the onslaught of summer that forces a girl to stockpile wedges. but don't judge, 3 of the 5 styles above are not newly acquired. in fact, shoe #4, i've had since i saw the cure at #UMF ('twas 2007). what year was that? anyway, i wore them there. so, not much of an issue, huh? no, just a healthy little summer obsession. if all plays out right, i'll be adding a 6th style to this assortment, thanks to a twitter #mustlustespadrilles contest by nine west by tweeting this:
sarah christoph
@ i becuz am over 5 months pregnant & refuse to wear flats—so sexy, yet comfy wedges are where it's at! ;-)

am told i won a gift card...stay tuned!
hope you had such a brilliant weekend.
i did. albeit different from any weekend i've ever ever had, follow my other blog for an update on how so, shortly...

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