Wednesday, April 06, 2011

i am accessory challenged.
oft times i just can't be bothered due to a plethora of reasons. admittedly, not being a morning person is mostly to blame (accessorizing myself when i have like 15 minutes to get out the door & to work, sadly falls to the way side). that & being the most unorganized girl you'll ever meet. like most of my possessions, my bracelets, necklaces, scarves, belts, etc. are a total cluster @#$%. like literally. a tangled bloody mess.
then, there's my devil may care approach to acquiring accessories, all such acquisitions are done on a whim. thus,while i've amassed quite the little treasure trove, much of it works with nothing. so yeah, essentially i'm accessory damned.
but i'm trying to sort myself out. i'm crediting jewel mint. ha. something about the way in which they present their accessories online makes me contemplate what i 'need' a bit more effectively. the way in which they arrive on my doorstep, in such a killer well-thought-out package enhances the experience. and each time i've popped their sleek black box open i've found i'm instantly enamoured by what's inside. each piece has been more substantial than i expected, more statement making and of a quality i'm constantly surprised by. just to refresh, below are the two other fab pieces i've gotten from jewel mint. such love. oh & thanks @lunajay for prodding me to go ahead & join, like @tamarabrink i thought i needed a new monthly fashion/accessory club like an extra hole in my head but this one's turned out swelle. and yes, i meant to spell swelle that way. stay tuned...


  1. Aw, thanks for the mention! Now I am about to go check out Jewel Mint (love that name!)

  2. Anonymous1:55 AM

    Love this post!!! New members get 50% off jewelmint with code SEATTLE72!


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