Thursday, April 28, 2011

women in jaipur, india
making sweeping look vibrant and glamorous.

below, me in jaipur... '07.
channeling jaipur
my thoughts often flutter off to the pink city.
where the women of india
emblazoned a fashion influence on my brain.
that said, fast forward to yesterday.
zulily isn't just for kids, kids.
when this Raj tunic arrived in the mail yesterday
(purchased from zulily)
a look began spinning its web in my mind and voila!

due to scandalous side vents, i decided to break out my side ruched pewter hot shorts to wear underneath (they usually only see the light of day at #UMF), inspired by the ruched leggings i coveted on sari-clad women throughout the golden triangle.thought you'd dig a detailed shot of the print and embroidery.
necklace is, believe it or not, ann taylor loft.
happy weekend, mine starts today!


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