Monday, April 04, 2011

being a fashion pack rat
pays off once again

acquired this vibrant, embellished dress a thousand years ago from boston proper. and i loved it so much, i bought it even though it was one size too big(my size was sold out). today, am mad glad i did. and that i kept it all these years. i still #LOVE it & it fits perfectly right now thanks to, well, you know... thought you'd just love seeing me wearing it ages ago, hanging out with queens in key west.
p.s. this song has been on the brain. perhaps because when it 1st came into my consciousness, i WAS young, like REALLY young... but now, i get it. and adore the track even more... Alphaville's Forever Young (1984)

hope your weekends rocked.


  1. Wasn't this dress on the cover at some point in time? The girl with the Cindy Crawford mole wore it.

    Love it. You look great. P.S. We will have matching brown/burst of color wedges. :) I caved.

    Had to write you here, I've been @sunlovey'ing you on twitter a lot today. ;)

  2. OH YES! Vanessa. I'm so glad I held on to it, fits PERFECTLY now. And thank you!


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