Tuesday, June 01, 2010

seems sentiments are shared amongst 
some of my fave  
sound-loving twitter friends. 
we're feeling holy ghost! 
got this vid from itunes last week 
and watched it back 
to back, over & over, wishing 
with my entire soul that i was in 
that city, hitting that nightclub. 
it's in-effin'-fectious

get the killer 'i will come back' 
right here, right now.
then, if you're in FL, throw 
a freaking fit about the
fact that green label sound's 
chromeo tour w/ holy ghost! 
isn't coming here!?!?! if it IS 
coming to a city near you, 
you better go.i am SO SICK 
of getting effed down here.
despite that.
p.s. the vid is very 
very very similar to 
an old new order vid. 
escapes me 
which right now, 
do your own homework. ;-)

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