Thursday, June 17, 2010

hey kids, sorry i've been a little negligent this week. am now back at it.
so yeah, last weekend i managed to squeeze in two shows. earlier this week i blogged about passion pit at the fillmore. which through & through, ruled my world. but the night before that, i finally got to see the pains of being pure at heart with surfer blood & hooray for earth at a truly killer new venue in miami called grand central.

i'm going to digress for a sec. pre-show we had dinner at a HOT new restaurant (both literally & figuratively) in midtown miami called Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill. the place is gorgeously appointed, has a modern caribbean vibe. the indoor/outdoor bar is hip, even the bathrooms are stunning. what sucks is, it is HADES hot in that place, partially due to indoor/outdoor bar, i'm thinking, but that adds to the caribbean feel, right? the food was quite delicious. we noshed on squid, japanese eggplant, edamame, octopus, olives, scallops, cheese, shrimp, +++ all creatively prepared, tapas style. i'd totally go back.
ok back to the show, unfortunately we got there a bit too late to catch much of hooray for earth's set. what we did see/hear, i dig. spunky, synthy, upbeat. whatever song they closed with rocked the room. i assumed & hoped surfer blood would play next, and that the pains of being pure at heart would headline. i feel like i read somewhere that they were alternating the headlining spot.
 however, the pains of being pure at heart played next. WOW. WOW. WOW. their sound was beautiful, sparkly, stunning. the vibe was dreamy, light, dancey—well, exactly what i thought they'd be like live. seriously they're just darling. Peggy Wang is surreal cute & spacey. is she for real? she's like that friend of yours that spews out of nowhere thoughts on end, outloud, that you and the rest of your social circle just sort of giggle at and dismiss. i want what she's on. Their set against a killer LED backdrop of vivid color was sensory, blissful, perfect. but sadly, over in the blink of an eye. #love was: everything with you AND OF COURSE higher than the stars. i'd of killed for them to just play the rest of the night.
esp. based upon the attitude of the other band. do know, they put on a solid show, absolutely. that was my second time seeing them and i feel like they have grown a lot and played a tight set. but they need to grow the eff up. second show, second time they've left a crap taste in my mouth. there's punk rock a$$hole behavior that you almost have to admire and then there's childish whining/ranting without thinking that simply annoys & too bad, they again succumbed to the latter. so, while they did sound good, antics pre-show and post-show marred my experience. whatever, it is what it is.

point is, i look QUITE forward to seeing loads more shows at miami's grand central. and on the whole, am glad i hit this one.

p.s. #YAY #YAY #YAY for my new 80s dress from Urban. it's #LOVE.

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