Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Breakin' Rules.
Hey loveys. 
Confession to make.
I wore a swimsuit cover up today as a dress.
Sorry but it's too cute to solely be worn atop swimwear.
Eff that. 
It's by Becca. Topped it with a shimmery wrap cardie, oh how i wish you could see it sparkle, sorry for the crap photo in this case (& yeah, in some others as well. promise to work on that).
Look for fashion outside of the box, that is, in swimwear, lingerie, even PJs. am "guilty" of wearing all three, out & about. 
whatever. you like it, wear it. Then, layer on the bracelets. big, bold, color. loads of it. and if you're good, treat yourself to a little HELLO KITTY TOTE. found this one today whilst picking up conditioner at my happy place. #YAY. sure hope tuesday was good to you. 

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