Monday, June 07, 2010

mad happy to see thieves like us & a golden filer remix on this week's #musicmonday offering from  @urbanoutfitters.

*****Kisses' Bermuda is LOVELY. right in step with the effervescent blissful sounds happening all around us right now, with rich touching vocals.  have listened to more times than i'd like to admit already today. #love*****  

Thieves Like Us' Forget Me Not is gorgeous, thought-provoking melancholy electro. I truly can't get enough Thieves Like Us. #soright

ArpLine's Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper is OK. Psychedelic guitar heavy layers.

Whiplash's Sunglasses. Do I have this already? Sounds MAD familiar, in a good way. It captures your ears, it would work good on the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack, or Alice in Wonderland. Dreamy eclectic like that. 

O. Children's Dead Disco Dancer (The Golden Filter Remix) is fair enough.  I did have a certain level of expectations, based upon nearly every other Golden Filter remix I've ever encountered, that have not been met instantly. It does build nicely, it won't get deleted.

On the whole, a sound #musicmonday offering from Urban. Get it.

(p.s. that's moi, in a fitting room at anthropologie, i think i could live in an anthropologie store, if only they sold food. i meander about that place like it's a merry go round. round & round. i bought that little silk chartreuse blooms dress faster than you can say summer floral addiction.)

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