Friday, June 18, 2010

hey summer! Wow, you are hot.(a scalding 90 F here today.) i'll be going to new heights in major wedges in honor of you. 

for the girl that shuns the flat (ick, HATE flats) this season (read: ME), cork & rope wedges exude a "i'm not trying too hard" vibe & are MUCH easier to walk in than your reg. 4" stiletto when picnicking in the grass, or cruising a beachy pier.

check out the pairs i've nonchalantly acquired so far... 

these are report signature from boston proper. and i am high on life, literally when rocking them.
the others? HOT PINK delicious brilliance from shoe dazzle. am not a big pink fan generally(unless you're talking about THIS  big pink), but these POP. live life on the wedge, loveys.
happy weekend! 

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