Wednesday, June 23, 2010

yesterday while dutifully writing fashion copy i spied a status update that sparked an instant and fierce reaction. IMPROMPTU SHOW TONIGHT @ PROPAGANDA! $2, 10PM, STARTING AT 11 (sharp) MILLION YOUNG!!! i'm in. missed million young at respectable st., they missed ME in tampa. this had to happen. and so it did. well, sort of—propaganda is a small, cool venue in downtown lake worth, that if you ask me, pulls some decent live sound in a small city that is so real, it's love. the dj played some fab tracks as a small crowd amassed. (there were some surprising characters in attendance) insane kaleidoscopic video flashed on the walls. equipment was eventually set up. and so began the opening act: sumsun. a beat and thud driven cacophony of danceable noise.
i think i'd like to hear again. his set felt rushed this go round. next time. million young took a lifetime to go on. and once they did, eeeek, they let us know they didn't have a chance to sound check pre-show. (this show was a total off-the-cuff last minute deal, so i get it) yeah. sound was jacked to say the least for a couple songs in. and there was a little tiff between the band & the propaganda sound guy. via microphone. but we all persevered. and what we got as a result?
total. love. 
mike diaz's music is so stunning, so emotional, so right. my fave song of his, cynthia (i met THE cynthia the song was written for in the bathroom, she's lovely), live, was sparkling and gorgeous. finally, everyone was dancing. sadly, the set was far too short. a brief chat with him post show was consolation though, million young plans to play respectable st.'s anniversary party, end of july. i'll be there. should they come to a city near you, make it happen. here's a little taste, if you're prone to dizziness, be warned. we were dancing.
love, sunlovey

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