Wednesday, June 30, 2010

health disco::2 is a fantastical remix journey through 10 health songs via 24 tracks (-1 sparkling new one, USA boys which i've already gushed over on this very blog). sometimes it's impossible to believe that you're hearing the same song four times back to back due to the amazing & distinctive variance in interpretations. upon 1st listen, i wasn't smitten, but by listen 2 i was already retracting my initial snap judgement. this album gets blasted in my car. i just know that the best tracks are evoking envy from those driving beside me left wondering "WHAT in the bloody world is that girl listening to?" you'll find that my faves got the bold treatment below. (do a search to HEAR this stuff if you don't believe me, or listen to itunes' little blips of tracks.)

Before Tigers (Blindoldfreak Remix) - soft, pretty, sedating.

Before Tigers (CFCF Remix) - MAJOR love, dreamy beats, vocals really soar in this remix.

Before Tigers (Gold Panda Remix) - danceable beats right out of the gate, textured layers w/ beautifully ambient detours.

Before Tigers (Rainbow Arabia Remix) drumming, shrill beeps, space meets tribal. not fave.

Death+ (Clipd Beaks Remix) underlying tribal, slow, percussion driven, sounds like: horror flick background music. nich fur mich.

Death+ (Delivery Remix) organs & clicks give way to trancey meanderings w/sporadic drums. finally builds into a good enough groove.

Die Slow (Nastique Remix) asymmetric beats & layers, twinkles & pulses. you do end up grooving to 70s undertones. it's A-OK.

Die Slow (Nite Jewel Remix) smooth, glistening sailing in a reflective sparkling sea, that gives way to soft beats & keyboards.

Die Slow (Pictureplane Remix) builds & grows properly, cool echoes, tribal drums, fuzzy beats.

Die Slow (Pink Stallone Remix) LOVE LOVE LOVE hard. vocals allowed to shine, fat beats, twinkling layers, smart, clean, happy, dancey.

Die Slow (Tobacco Remix) HOT DAMN MORE LOVE, just 'cuz this remix SLAYS. tough AND sexy.

Eat Flesh (Baron Von Luxxury Remix) would be cool to walk into a club to this song. cool vibe. i dig & feel.

Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles Remix) slow. dull. then messy with shrill headache bleeps. not surprised.

In Heat (Javelin Remix) Juicy beats & rad 80s-feel layers, happy rollerskating sound.

In Heat (Rodion Remix) this is good, i dig. recalls a 70s groove & a touch of daft punk.

In Violet (Hidden Cat Remix) starts slow & blah, but then it ebbs & flows alright. kicks in nicely 3/4s in. yeah, it's ok.

In Violet (Salem Remix) dark vibe, echoes and chanting, 90s jungle beats and pitchy, trippy layers.

♥Nice Girls (Blondes Remix) trancey, reflective, smart beats give way to, well, 8:08 minutes of just that—trancey, reflective, smart beats.

Nice Girls (Little Loud Remix) there's something about it. builds so organically. fun & fluid, you want to "ride" it over & over.

Severin (Small Black Remix)Novel, imaginative, bubbly. this mix takes your brain on a fantasy trip via dreamy, quirky atmosphere.

Severin (Yip-Yip Remix) not fave. slo-mo nature kind of loses me.

USA Boys Health's own. pure addiction. LOVE LOVE & LOVE SOME MORE. it kicks, it kills, with an anticipatory, attention-keeping build, gorgeous vocals, perfection.

We Are Water (Azari & III Remix) disconnects & reconnects in a chaotic frenzy of percussion mixed with fat fuzzy beats.

We Are Water (Soft Encounter Remix) goes back & forth between abbrasive & cool. perhaps a little too haphazard for me?


poppy print knit alloy dress discovered in the recesses of my closet.

grosgrain stripe D-ring belt i got where??? also old.
killer heart lock necklace that i *believe* is from guess, yes, it's that ancient too.



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