Thursday, June 10, 2010

the shun shine state
bear with me if you're reading this & you don't live in FL or if you are in FL but couldn't give a damn about my music obsession. this particular post might bore you. but this week i have been trying to dig a bit deeper into the travesty that is the south florida (and well, florida on the whole) music scene. besides the obvious, we're an inconvenient state to play in geographically, what else contributes to "indie" bands not deeming us worthy?
i've gotten a couple answers: that bands ask to be flown down, which is cost prohibitive for promoters, and that unless artists get offer$ from promoters/venues in florida, to play florida, their not likely to try and play here because it's way out of their way.
not really sure what to do with this information... move? i've done my share of borderline stalking/begging bands on twitter (have nothing to lose) it was actually @holyghostNYC that told me regarding them playing here: @sunlovey its not up to us! Petition your local promoters!
hey holy ghost! am doing my best. got a bit more promising response from @smallblk: @sunlovey Need to hit Miami soon! maybe Winter run down there? thanks, small black. i can only hope. we DO have a small handful of indie sounds heading our way. if you live here and love this music enough to be reading me rant on & on about it, GO to these shows, OK? you can start this weekend, saturday, at grand central in miami—the pains of being pure at heart and surfer blood. or on sunday, at the fillmore in miami beach—passion pit & tokyo police club. see you there?
because #fashion is NOT i repeat, is NOT an after thought, am wearing:

the #love (poppin' blooms!)
necklace & bracelet...forever 21
sequin sash belt...found in a deep dark crevice of closet

stay tuned for the killer finds on my way, acquired in the name of #pitchforkmusicfestival.

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