Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i ♥ the 80s
and this track is like a hot tub time machine right back to me rocking my green & yellow stripe weswyn swim team racing suit in raleigh, n.c. it's old depeche mode yet, modern english-y. that's #love, kids. 
who are you blank dogs? i want more of you. more. more. more. oh wait, but you've got ties to china and terrorism and your website makes my head hurt. whatever, get heat & depression from the fader here. feel it?, you'll find additional sound from blank dogs, equally 80s, if not a bit darker if you search.(seems to be another artist out of brooklyn) all with that same fuzzy analogue feel you miss from your old cassette tape collection. now onto my...
 MAJOR SAMPLE SALE SCORE: a graphic print knit mini-dress with KILLER black sequin banded waist by tart = #LOVE. insane prints continue to ROCK MY WORLD this summer. what's rocking yours?

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