Monday, June 14, 2010

livesoundrush ( = mad band crush )
i want to follow @passionpit around the globe like a dead head. i can't believe i EVER, for single second, considered NOT seeing them in miami last night. the utter SH!T i feel like today is so very, very worth it. the band set the tone with this tweet early sunday:
Hello Miami. spent the morning on the beach. getting ready to soundcheck at this beautiful venue. vibing for the show and afterparty -jeff

Post the underlying MESS that was the surfer blood show the night before (i'll blog on that too, just really felt like hyping the good 1st), reading that tweet was MAD refreshing. the rest of the indie music world can only lust after the presence michael angelakos has, even when he's being bossy. (he preached between songs that shows are for being in the moment and those of us snapping photos could go on doing so but in essence, we were missing out. which he's SO RIGHT about, but it's a bloody catch 22. humans WANT photos of experiences that they freakin' LOVE, michael!)  there's just something about a frontman totally feeling his own sound, bouncing about the stage moving to the beat like it's the first time he's hearing it live himself. if you weren't dancing along, you were dead. 

in fact, the sold out crowd at the @fillmoremb played a major roll in how killer this show was too. the vibe was ON. everyone was sweating their a$$ off, but could not seem to care less. the room was on fire, in motion, literally blowing up. everyone around me was grinning big & grooving. oh and did i mention how much i loved watching Ayad Al Adhamy work his magic on synths whilst simultaneously, blissfully jumping up and down like an overexcited child?? i did. how about how much i adored it when michael called miami a "dance town" just before exploding another song on us. i could gush for days about how incredibly 'higher & higher' we ALL were during 'little secrets'. how internally rocked i was by 'eyes as candles', lyrics + passion = BRILLIANCE. i could write endlessly about the way in which passion pit's little dance darling, 'sleepy head' blew my brain with delicious depth and atmosphere live. i could sing praises about every bloody song. i could. and look, i'm going to say it. and in the process i'm going to sound like a sappy little girl, but i MISS passion pit. just a few short hours post show. if i was just a bit more irresponsible, i'd high tail it to tampa for their gig at the ritz tonight. and that's the live experience all bands should strive for.
love IS passion pit. passion pit is love. 

p.s. one MAJOR gripe for the those in attendance last night that felt the need to chant 'sleepy head' like six songs in. and then again AND AGAIN later. that's lame. a good way to insult the band and to NOT get a song played in my own experience. i'm hoping that was coming from the naive little 13 year olds in spandex boy shorts. (hey moms, do you KNOW your kids are dressing like that???) 

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