Wednesday, July 07, 2010

hey kids, so sorry i've been MIA, is being a b!tch to me, will explain later AND i've been a little consumed by a MAY-JUH event called the  #WORLDCUP, as previously mentioned.  don't freak out, by no means has it interfered with my MAIN sunloveyforever obsessions. let me catch you up...
on the music front:
spent the weekend dancing to black kids & pop glow at their miami & west palm beach shows. 
lights & music + amazing vibes  = MAD FUN. catch them together at their upcoming Tampa & Gainesville shows.
on the fashion front:
it's rare for you to catch me in ANYthing that's not boldly patterned right now. be it splashy neon, exploded animal prints, what have you. top dress: victoria's secret vintage tee dress collection, bottom dress, from
on the eats & drinks front:
sra martinez in miami's design district. charming façade, killer little upstairs bar, great ambience & fab tapas by michelle bernstein.
on the travel front:
epic hotel located in downtown miami, wows you from the split second you see it. LOVED: River Bar & it's glowing tower of bevies, as well as the rooftop pool with mad cool furnishings. Evening wine happy hours. & MASSIVE balconies too.
Sleigh Bells at Respectable Street, WPB tomorrow.
Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago next weekend.
p.s. won't let me create a new post, am writing this one in an old "draft" post, gotta sort that out, help?

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