Thursday, March 31, 2011

being a slave to anything is
being a slave.
don't misinterpret. i study them. i stay aware of them. but my thought is, explore (and go ahead, drool over, fawn over, covet) what you see on the world's runways and within its most high-fashion magazines, then walk away. Discover and create for yourself YOUR OWN DEFINITION OF FASHION. a definition that comes from your OWN imagination and serves as an expression of who YOU ARE. because, you lovey, are a unique work of original art—not a carbon copy. fashion shouldn't be a uniform. we shouldn't feel required to stock our closet with a check list of 'what's in right then' as if we were shopping from a compulsory school supply list. see something you love? get your stylish little hands on it and reinvent it your own way. for seasons. for years. it's so freeing. and p.s. let's be super honest, not EVERY trend works for you.
often times, when you're a slave to it all, you end up looking ridiculous and contrived. just a thought.
my fabulous necklace is jewel mint.
my vivid tunic is forever 21.
mad love,

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