Tuesday, March 15, 2011

what summer looks like
i have always been about wee leg-baring hems, but this summer i'm crushing on the flowy, vibrant & exotic in intense ways. in fact such attributes are paramount in what i'm snatching up. here are my recent acquisitions. a bit of tribal, paisley & peacock = LOVE.
the pompoms sleigh me.
the silhouette conjures beloved
faraway lands.
victoria's secret
the exploding hues
channel candy
the crochet back seduces
while the color fusion blows my mind.

i have a peacock addiction, no doubt
but the big black bow at the neck makes
me utterly smitten.
next weekend is Ultra Music Festival already, which brings to mind summer festival season too! what do you envision your summer wardrobe looking like?
do tell...

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