Monday, March 28, 2011

girls on film. always my fave. (duran duran)
the gorgeous sounds of royksopp = love
the dancing queen that is andy bell. THAT VOICE. (erasure)
the synth genius that is vince clarke (erasure)
music is my boyfriend. (CSS)
Holy Ghost! Quite possibly the artists I was most excited
& delighted to see.

there is NOTHING like entering the gates of Ultra Music Festival. nothing. your ears are instantly affronted, as is your heart, as the pulsating thud from several stages blends to create this maddening, yet magnetic cacophony of beats and bass. you find yourself experiencing both an adrenaline and serotonin surge you simply cannot get elsewhere. your eyes are accosted too—by vibrance, light, shine, glow, glitter... Ultra is so sensory. no wonder it's a fave of the "molly" set. no i don't have any. no i don't want any...

the main stage was pumping. but i was mad dashing to the live stage for holy ghost!'s set. excuse me while i gush on end about the perfection of the live stage, right on the water, away from everything, shaded, perfect. designer drugs was performing when i got there. young rainbow brite kids were dancing their a$$es off. said kids, for most part, moved on once designer drugs were done. and the handful of true indie kids took their places.

holy ghost! came on and killed it. there was a breeze. i danced. 'i will come back' blew my mind. i didn't want it to end. am comparing their set to cut copy's 2 years ago. small crowd. great sound. haven't quiet caught on yet amongst the ULTRA crowd. but oh so disco danceable!, one has to wonder why not?

i wondered off to the carl cox & friends "tent" which has become something so extraordinary, i couldn't help but be WOWed. the sound that pours forth from that stage is my absolute fave dance genre. hung there and danced until it was time to catch CSS back at the live stage. aren't they cute? they rocked a slightly larger crowd. was mad fun to hear them do 'music is my hot hot sex' live.

left before they were done because it was time for erasure on the main stage. got there just as benny benassi was wrapping up. again, mass exodus of young ravers. father forgive them, they know not what they do. i wanted to shake those little e-heads and say "that's vince clarke up there!" i moved up as close as a girl in my state should and then died. when erasure did blue savannah i was glad i still had my shades on. eyes misted up big. was. so. brilliant. and the sound just soared across the grounds so beautifully. GOD that was great.

the second erasure was done, it was back to the live stage for royksopp, who too, managed to awe me with their gorgeous sound. was so very thrilled to be catching them live too. their set was full of pulsating ebb and flow. mind bending beauty. you could dance or you could just spectate. either way. again, was so glad to catch them.

then it was back to the main stage where we caught wild boys and girls on film—duran duran sounding as pristine as ever. seriously, girls on film gets me every time, that song is hot.

on to the UMF korea stage to check out a little avicii (hot damn! i actually dig) & then out the gates for the night. had to just say no to tiesto. sorry if that offends. he just doesn't do it for me... and a girl needs her rest for 2 more days of UMF.
those reports to follow.

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