Friday, March 04, 2011

absolute faves from christian dior.
paris fashion week.

dior's wear-now-ish portion of the show was frilly and icing like in the softest of pastels.

totally smitten with the richness of this collection on the whole. gorgeous hues and devil may care silhouettes = LOVE.
love you!,


  1. LOVED the OTK boots, especially the ones in that gorgeous, rich mahogany-esque color, you have a pair pictured and I'm thrilled. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

    I have to say I was smitten with this collection from the moment I saw it. It's kind of a shame that something so stunning is the sidebar to the other press Dior has received as of late...

  2. wasn't this collection FABULOUS. RIVETING. 1 of the BEST!? so he got drunk and said something stupid. politicians do that SOBER. #LOVE


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