Monday, March 28, 2011

the term festival fashion seems to conjure woodstock-inspired style under most circumstances. but ultra music festival fashion has so much more to do with the futuresque, than the past. i must say though, it startles me a bit that these young, unique females seem to follow the style of the hardly dressed dancers they see in cages at nightclubs as of late. at Ultra, less has become more. UMF fashion = tutus galore, fishnets in droves—all colors, hot pants/boy shorts or shiny underwear as bottoms. NEON. Day glo tribal, fluffy, major faux fur glued to boots, in a rainbow of hues. Furry animal hats. Bold, vivid feathers in their hair or hanging from their earrings. Colored coils in hair—SOME that light up at night and mesmerize. headbands strapped across forheads. Slashed spandex. spandex. spandex. spandex. Over the knee socks. Anything sparkly. Body paint. pasties instead of tops. Mesh like mad. Boys in girls american apparel. Splatter paint prints +. & over all, SO MUCH COLOR, which i love. it's an alternate fashion universe at Ultra. in regular life, people watching bores me, at UMF, i can't get enough, in some cases i'm cringing, in others i'm delighted by the ingenuity. there were 150,000 people there. that's a lot of outrageous style to soak up.

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