Monday, March 28, 2011

the mau5.just not a fave anymore. (deadmau5)
holy spectacle. Empire of the Sun.(felt so Bowie)

cut copy. i love you. i missed the super small crowd tho.i'm a hustler baby. simian mobile disco.
fedde le grand = HOT.

I arrived at bicentennial park just in time for Simian Mobile Disco. Mother hell, was the gate a pain in the neck. In previous years, we just strolled right in. This year, every. single. day. it was a 40 minute ordeal. which had me hauling ass to the live stage. SMD was just as i expected. so serious. so nerdy. so cool. the german asked me if they were ever going to turn around and face us. bleeps and blips created mad cool sound to move to and by the time they played hustler, it seemed the curious crowd got it. that was bad. ass.

like a moth to a flame i found myself back @ Carl Cox & Friends... to find Fedde Le Grand & all his dutch charm tearing up the "tent"(sorry, am used to carl cox & friends being a tent, not the serious structure it has become). So I stayed and danced. Until a changing of the guard took place & Moby took over. I love Moby, but I love him better when it's his own stuff I'm hearing. He leapt up on the gravitron, shaking his happy fists in the air. But, i never did really feel what he was throwing down that day. So i decided to wander about, checking out the Heineken Dome again, whatever meh-ness was on the main stage, eventually making my way back to the live stage for some Boys Noize, wasssss.... OK. was blissed out to hear 'my moon my man' but on the whole, i was ready to move on once again. couldn't even tell you where to, you get lost in all that is Ultra, molly-ed out or not. i just know i made my way BACK to the live stage for Cut Copy, was SO THRILLED to have them back. they sounded massive and were getting so much more love than they had 2 years prior at UMF. it was painful to tear myself away but I. HAD. TO. it was back to the main stage for the electronic gods that are Underworld and from the very second they came on, HOT DAMN, i was blown away. it's like everyone else at Ultra is so much fun, but then you come upon true veterans like Underworld and you have to pick your stupid jaw up off the dirty ground. They killed it. And when the right artist is on the main stage, that sound system enables them to soar and soar high. it was so ridiculously cool to see artists i've loved since college. but again, i was forced, by stupid scheduling conflicts, to peel myself away and return to the live stage to catch
Empire of the Sun yes, the back and forth, back and forth was maddening. Empire of the Sun burned many spage-age ziggy stardust-esque images into my brain. And they sounded phenomenal. But they weren't Underworld. & I kind of regretted splitting on Underworld to see them. No use crying over spilt prosecco. it was time to head back (yep you guessed it) to the main stage for deadmau5. whom, from what i personally witnessed, drew the largest crowd and, moved me the least. he wasn't what he was to me two years ago. there were fleeting blips of the old deadmau5 sound i adored but his sound mostly sprawled into places only those altered might appreciate. i was bored. feelings change, people change. and i was ready to let day 2 die.
tomorrow... my 3rd and final day at UMF.
lots of love,

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