Monday, March 07, 2011

#LOVE from brighton... Lights & Offerings. MIRRORS.
you haven't acquired their album yet? do.
80s renaissance, analog synth heavy, electronic depth. or... pop noir as they refer to themselves. i don't want to pick a track or two i adore. i feel the whole release. the music is gorgeous and melodic; the vocals are quality and haunting. thank you, england, for continuing to put out bands that achieve permanence amongst my somewhat snotty list of perfect sound.
#LOVE from miami... was fortunate enough to attend the pret a porter showcase at miami beach international fashion week featuring boston proper amongst other eye-popping designers like LUXXE Collections-USA, Mariela Allaix-Argentina, Marina Makaron Moscow and Bata Spasojevic, winner of the MBIFW designer competition at Banja Luka Fashion Fair in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
#LOVE from H&M. they called this a top; i call it a dress. and the ruffles front & back make me feel normal again. ;-)

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