Monday, March 28, 2011

chemical brothers - masters of the electronic universedave guetta glow man (if only i had my ipod during his set)
beardyman. fun sound + a total riot.main stage gorgeousness.
armin van buuren. WOW. loud WOW.
ferry corsten. happy trance.

Sunday's Ultra Music Festival line-up provided me with no stress. OK, minus the fact that I chose to miss !!!, which was a little painful, but seeing Chemical Brothers was paramount and I wasn't about to be caged up @ the festival for 11 hours straight. I love nonstop music but Ultra's grounds are not the most humane terrain. oh & the line getting in was a fun little nightmare once again, but all that aside, no stress. anyway, back to how sunday went down. i allowed myself to wander aimlessly from stage to stage. i spent a great deal of time within the Heineken dome, which was like Disney world inside, cool air blasting, movies and graphics being blasted on the ceiling, happy music. i delved into trance. I gave major names in dance I generally don't give any thought to a go. some impressed vastly. some came across so incredibly cheesy.
Armin Van Buuren
WOW. loud and commanding. such, thick bass. brilliant vibe. that "tent" was a celebration. it was blowing up. Armin Van Buuren knows how to make the people dance. Maybe I don't know what trance is anymore? Maybe i've confused it with ambient. no matter. this set was fun.
made me laugh more times than i can count. what a fun little set, he claimed he completely made it up as he went along and that is very possible.
hardcore house? is there such a thing. watched the crowd go ape sh!t for this stuff.
Crystal Castles
wasn't going to give crystal castles a moment more of my time post seeing them twice already and hating both occasions. but wow, got back to the live stage a bit early and actually caught alice glass doing "not in love" and didn't cringe. nevertheless i still prefer robert smith doing vocals on it.
Ferry Corsten
felt like i was at a club in europe. i get it. this sound is good. it soars. it peaks it chills it soars again. and people smile big huge molly induced? smiles as they jam to it.
Steve Aoki
had a hard edge. rough even. almost like mosh pit electronic. not familiar with this electronic genre. felt mad. and if electronic's going to be mad, i want it to be flat out industrial a la nitzer ebb.
David Guetta
what. a. cheese. ball. there—i said it. no thanks. don't get the draw.
Chemical Brothers
right out of the gate—BAD ASS. they came out and tore up the atmosphere with the opening bars of Galvanize and i was immediately slayed. like why doesn't EVERY artist do this, open with their most distinctive track and just send the crowd into a frenzy from the get-go. such killer sound. so commanding. so what every single young and fresh artist there at UMF should take note of, learn from. i'm happy to report the ravey youngins stuck around for Chemical Brothers and i pray they grew new standards from it. what a brilliant way to close out Ultra. made me ALMOST forget the horrid loo situation and crap food and atrocious lines. Or, made such worth it. and that's exactly how a festival should end.
peace out UMF '11.
ultimately, you are #love. love, sunlovey

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