Friday, June 03, 2011

holy hot damn! i think it's safe to say i'm quite close to smitten where hooray for earth's forthcoming LP is concerned. stream the whole bloody thing here and see if it makes YOU swoon too. i want to say i'm pretty pissed tho, 'cuz upon listening i thought "weird, this feels like old MGMT somehow". and then i noticed that spin said the same thing, or rather, that this is what they wish congratulations would have sounded like. so yeah. like old MGMT, you'll probably feel it hard.
dear hooray for earth, please book (another) a florida date.

p.s. feels like doesn't mean is knocking off. that's a loose comparison. hooray for earth is tres unique. #LOVE

addendum: i've SEEN hooray for earth. or at least PART of their set, in '10 at grand central. i'm a bloody dumb ass to have forgotten. i mentioned that i liked them then. HELLO.

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