Sunday, June 12, 2011

somebody ruled.
& well, somebody else should have her own nickelodeon show.
can you guess which is which?
hint: the one that ruled was not katy.
the german and i were given a pair of tix to this show. and being a late to the party robyn fan, i couldn't pass up the opportunity. i go to about one arena show every three years (last was depeche mode, prior to that, the cure) so this was like the twilight zone. thousands of pre-puberty girls, meh seats (do know: i kill & maim to score the utmost best seats possible for the aforementioned bands above) and a stage set that reeked of the wizard of oz, all aided in this sensation.
but seriously, the sprite-like swedish firecracker, robyn was so insanely rad to the bone live. with two complete drum sets (+ drummers) & two keyboardist/synth dudes, her electro-dance sound was AMAZING. and watching her dance her @$$ off while simultaneously singing blew my brain a little. i so wished i was on the floor dancing too. how i regret not seeing her last fall in a smaller venue with a longer set. LOVE her.
then there was katy perry, now, if i were 10 and a pop fiend, she would have totally rocked my world. but... i felt like i was a children's musical. and when the furry purple cat came out, i wanted acid or to go home. further, covering that youtube sensation song, friday was weird. as was covering whitney houston's so emotional. and rihanna, and jayzee. kids, this just wasn't my cup of tea. my 1st pop show ever and well. pop ain't me. the silver lining though? katy's costume changes. they saved my night. especially this glittery metallic moo moo thing i so wish was mine. (sparkly moo moo photo courtesy of vanessaSW)

p.s. robyn:

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