Sunday, June 12, 2011

boy shorts.
no, really.
bought the knit tribal-print shorts i'm wearing herein the men's department. they're underwear!
no joke. and i love them.

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in other news, spent sunday at the beach and noticed, every little bag i brought along just looked so fun together on top of the Target table cloth i use as a beach blanket.
the beach bag is from Boston Proper.
the day of the dead mini-cooler is by Sugar Booger. the drawstring fabric bag was "gift wrap" from a dear old friend. Lastly, that's my dear friend Jen of the ATL wearing another one of my Sunlovey Forever felt flower necklaces. Also crafted for her as a thank you! J'adore my sparkling faves.



  1. btw- the blue bag with flowers was a gift bag from the one and only, me! Heather

  2. oh shoot, you're so right heather, so strange, my friend tami sent me pressies in similar bags altho hers were super hero themed. less likely to be taken to the beach by moi! ;-)


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