Thursday, June 09, 2011

initial thoughts on
depeche mode remixes 2: 81-11
the remixes i've listed below kind of shock me. perhaps because many of them are tracks that i've often hit fast forward or skip on. others are iconic classics that have been toyed with in ways that delight, hard. pitchfork gave this remix release a measly 4 something. they called it depressing. i beg to differ. there are definitely tracks i don't feel. at. all. (some surprise me, i.e. m83's & alan wilder's) but for the most part, i can't peel myself away from these remixes. and have a strong feeling the more i digest, the more i'll feel.

the darkest star - monolake remix
never ever liked this weird song. then monolake came along, remixed it, and it's risen to the top for me.


behind the wheel - vince clarke remix
vince clarke should teach all electronic producers how to blow up a track. he's done it for ages & ages, brilliantly. this should be played loud.

everything counts - oliver & stephan remix
experimental and intelligent layers mingle with danceable tangents, edgy little quirks and a quick pulse. prepare for the rush you're going to feel when you 1st hear signs of this classic coming through. i dig. hard.

in chains - myer vs. wilder deconstruction
try to set aside your typical summation of what a proper song should go like and just let yourself get lost in the layers of sound this track consists of. would make the perfect soundtrack to a complicated dream or a bad ass movie.

ghost - le weekend remix
i feel how it builds, climaxes, then fades as a proper dance track should.

master & servant - RSS remix
i want to hear this in a sexy club. i want to see a depeche mode-aware dance-loving crowd blow up to it.

never let me down again - eric prydz remix

am just going to say i adore blasting this one. it's such a classic track and it's fun to hear it reinvented.

puppets - royksopp remix
holy beautiful. j'adore this remix immensely. what is it with royksopp, they massage your heart with their sound, whilst keeping you moving. that's skill, kids.

when the body speaks - karlsson & winnberg remix
again, this track never was a fave. but this remix reinvents it into something beyond palatable. something spacey, sparkly and dreamy. that's a #YAY.

walking in my shoes - anandamidic remix
tribal drumming, metallic strikes and bleeps give way to something kind of groovy. there truly is something to be said for producers transforming some of DM's more ho hum tracks into coolness.


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