Thursday, June 23, 2011

hey you guys!
yeah, that popped into my head yesterday, electric company style, and well. speaking of electric. so is my bad ass new acquisition from desigual. when it comes right down to it, brilliant stuff hails from spain.
for example, delorean!

Delorean - Subiza by Wimbot

fave fave fave album of last summer, so good it deserves all the play in the world this summer, was blessed in vast ways to catch them twice in chicago last july. oh, back to spain, the OJ. so sorry, florida. but spain kills you in orange juice. the two times i've passed through madrid i've guzzled it as if it were my last day on earth. go to spain, drink their OJ. and obviously there's tapas. who doesn't fiend for tapas? thank you spain. and what about my own wedding dress—by pronovias of barcelona. well, i've obviously gone off on a tangent, the whole point in me even mentioning spain was because of the tunic i wore today, as mentioned, by desigual. it's love. such love. perhaps abrasive/over the top to some (count the german in this group, he said nothing, he knows better right now, but his eyes kind of popped out this a.m. when he saw me in it), but the prints slay me, as most desigual prints do. wardrobe in need of a surge—tap them.
i paired it to denim shorts, my sun luk wedges and a trio of interesting necklaces.
one from kathmandu, another from jewel mint and the last from @kris_1.
anyway, tomorrow's friday. revel in that.


  1. Whoa! Optical illusion, you don't look pregnant?! Love the tunic.

  2. I know!? It's these photos. And I don't get it. Note to world: want to conceal a bump? Wear desigual.


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