Friday, June 24, 2011

a sunlovey solution?

we'll see. until now, my long necklaces have been strewn about, hanging from this corner and that. it occurred to me the last time i spent the better portion of my already very short amount of time allotted for getting ready in the morning untangling necklaces. i was @#$%ing up a storm and like 20 minutes late for work, that i must do SOMETHING. yep, ridiculous. so i got creative pronto. & wandered about target until i saw this coat rack, painted it silver, sprinkled embossing powder on it and heated it up with an embosser to give it a bit of texture and voila. instant space for 15+ long necklaces. it's the + that scares me a bit, my guess is, having stacked two or three on each hook, i'll still end up wrestling them apart from time to time, but it will be nowhere near as miserable & profanity inspiring as it was. we make do when it comes to our fashion hoarding, don't we?
happy friday!

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