Tuesday, June 14, 2011


tribal-esque thing i own elicits a "did jerry bring that back for you?" from the german. jerry is a friend of ours that spent two years in cameroon whilst in the peace corps. then came back with all sorts of over-the-top men's tribal garb that smelled as if someone had died upon each and every piece. i'll never ever forget OR stop erupting into fits of laughter when i think of the day we had plans to hit the local dark wave club we frequented at the time and dear jerry came down our stairs wearing one such look. the german threw a bloody tantrum. i lost 3 lbs laughing. the german insisted he change. i dared him to leave it on. yeah, the german hates tribal anything. nothing against the culture whatsoever, just seems to wish we'd let them go on wearing it as opposed to us. all that said, he's rolling in the grave he's not even in yet in over all the tribal prints he's seeing out there and on me as of late. guess he wishes we were all clad in dirndls .

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