Monday, August 30, 2010

Let's face it. Much of life is JACKED. Brilliant moments DO exist. But there are a lot of non-brilliant spans of time that could use an injection of everything's going to be alright-ness. that kids, is where sound comes in. darkest days can be transformed by music. thus. my #MusicIsTherapyMix to YOUR rescue. and hey, if you're riding a wave of awesomeness, this mix will only bring you better vibes. first 3 to comment will get a mix CD mailed to them. oh yeah.

Home - Weird Tapes
it does a disposition good. a sunny merry-go-round ride.
via hype machine. dreamy, gentle & chill. keep riding the wave.

Pull My Heart Away - Jack PeƱate

Sky Dive - Sunvisor
makes me dream to a beat.

Underwear - FM Belfast
why the hell didn't i run through the streets in my underwear in high school with as little as there was to do in bloody polk county, fl? awesomeness.

Last Year's Disco Guitars - Bishop Morocco

hints at the cure musically, hints at moody brit sound vocally, but well, that could be the cure too. point is, it's nostalgic, thoughtful. beautiful.

Whoop - Mahjongg
chicagotronics. ha. vibe on this via

In the Water - Beat Connection

someone on pitchfork said it best, if you can't wait for more delorean & you're not thrilled with 1st impressions of new cut copy... like dreams of sunshine from a rainy city.

Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) - The Whitest Boy Alive
a wistful, end of the night at the club, sweating but still dancing kind of sound with a poignant chorus.

Low S
houlder - Toro Y Moi
this. song. makes. me. happy.

The Most Certain Sure - !!! (Chk Chk Chk)
try to sit still. pure energy.

Mmmmhmmmm - Loose Shus

you'll groove to it. neo disco?

Lindblum - RK9
you're just going to have to trust me on this one. it's ethereal. fuzzy. gorgeous. & strangely uplifting. met this cool kid & his lovely gf at grand central. didn't even know he made sound at the time, mad glad we spoke. that's how i got lindblum.

Little People (Black City) - Matthew Dear

holy beats, holy vocals, holy dark discotheque.

Count Your Lovers (ElI Escobar) - Clubfeet

makes you want to kiss everyone. i swear. so. freaking. sexy. i mean it. it's love.

Moon - Children Palmbomen
a chill imaginative trip

Photojournalist - Small Black
what a candy shop should sound like? fantastical, quirky, bliss for the ears.

p.s. you survived monday. good job!



  1. Is it in poor taste to have commented right away? I love me some sunlovey forever mixes!!!!!!

  2. Gusberus10:08 AM

    Low Shoulder - Toro Y Moi - Like :) this song. Great music choices to make the day just a little bit better :)

  3. @_kristtian11:40 AM

    Thought I would be too late!

  4. am listening to this mix right now. It's still as good as it was the first time. LOVE. Miss YOU, your mixes and your blog. xoxo


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