Wednesday, September 01, 2010

have been living within the sounds of bishop morocco the last two days. the album, for me, is nearly perfect. it rewinds your brain to a darker electro time. to an era that truly is my musical core. you sort out hints of the cure within their sound, new order-inspired beats, depeche mode-derived synths, joy division dirges. it's love, kids. it's love. but i can't really link you to much regarding them, as they're from what i can see, quite under the radar. they shouldn't be. they should be the core of your fall soundtrack. trust.
i first heard last year's disco guitars and instantly connected, it felt so nostalgic, it IS so nostalgic and beautiful with subtle dark undertones.
but then i heard our time and my brain exploded. our time is... a seductive romp through a killer goth club in 1990. it conjures a scene i was intrigued by, a sound i was shaped by and drum machine beats i get chills from. the distorted guitars. the haunting vocals. hot damn.
am telling you. the rest of the album is so right. don't limit yourself to the first two tracks i've mentioned. prepare to feel vibes of shoe gaze. and a morose brilliance that plays off of 80s/90s brit sound. bishop morocco is James Sayce & Jake Fairley. they hail from toronto but from what i understand wrote much of their music in europe.
i want to see them live. i feel an a place to bury strangers type obsession forming here. this album taps directly into that same place they did. except perhaps, a bit closer to my heart. no joke. i'm telling you, it's love.
oh and my photos above have jack to do with bishop morocco. they're simply just more #love for you.

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