Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Got Soooo Inspired...
by a recent anthropologie email. the image way up above shows how you take a dress you're wearing right now, on a hot august day, then, as temps begin to free fall, add the required layers. i.e. socks, a cardie, tights, a coat, boots & so on. smart, no? i totally feel it. even though i HATE the color brown, shown. it's smart. green (as in environmentally green). and even frugal, considering you're taking a dress you wore one season, and bringing it to the next by reinventing it.

so today, i actually tossed on a little summery dress i got at anthropologie, then layered a sparkly ruffle sweater coat over it from boston proper. i foresee adding tights someday (remember, i live in south florida, it's going to be quite some time before tights are fathomable) and will likely pair dresses like this one to boots sooner than reasonable, just because i miss my boots. and probably ruffly over-the-knee socks too, like dior did, so loved that ad.

something tells me it's going to be mad fun to wear bright summery dress with otherwise somber-hued boots and coats. give it a go, loveys!


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