Tuesday, August 10, 2010

this. cover. is. ruling. my. world.
meet... clubfeet.

j'adored james in college. often played at my beloved respectable street. when i heard clubfeet's cover of say something tears came to my eyes. tears of both awe and wistful reflection. it's so #love. must add though, entire album is essentially without flaws in my humble opinion. #love also is: Count Your Lovers (particularly smitten with this FREE mix of Count Your Lovers by Eli Escobar, whom I plan to delve further into as an artist too, tomorrow), BrightLightsBigCity, Pull It Together, Edge of Extremes... aw, hell, all of it! Entire thing is yum. If you dig Cut Copy, Passion Pit, Hot Chip—THIS IS YOUR NEW FAVE.

(in a sky & sequin tank from -shock- charlotte russe & denim leggings by bostonproper.com)

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