Monday, August 02, 2010

happy 23rd respectable street. you rule the south east world.

I felt a sincere flood of emotion this past Saturday night as a group of friends & I joined in celebrating Respectable Street's 23rd anniversary. And they threw one hell of a party. 23 bands for 23 years, ALL FREE, an open bar from 8-10 + gratis pizza for everyone. It ruled. It was a true blast. Many thanks to Rodney Mayo for putting it on, and for my killer New Order-inspired anniversary tee.

Loved the blissful beats & emotionally rich vocals of Million Young. So did the hundreds of people dancing on Clematis street with us. The fuzzy, atmospheric reverb of The Band in Heaven drew a good sized, albeit more serious crowd. I loved their set against a sparkling tile wall at the lounge. Pay attention to both. They should go places. Fave quotes of the night: the band, Alexander's front man saying "We usually have a drummer, tonight we have a computer." (which if you ask me, gave them a fun kick.) And the lovely drag queen telling us all that "the paparazzi is here, don't look f@#ked up, look cute." Just before we all had cake and dove for ping pong balls. My li'l sis, @tamarabrink scored a $50 bar tab by finding a golden ball. #YAY! All in all, a brilliant time and a killer celebration for an indie institution. I closed out the night in my typical spot, dancing endlessly on the wall just beside the DJ booth, so I could make endless requests, just as I've done since I was 18.
Def. def. def. hit Respectable Street if you're a local, or in town & into a checking out a legit little venue with A LOT of character & history.
peace, love & respectables forever.

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