Tuesday, August 03, 2010

songs living in my head right now. thought i'd share. very little rhyme or reason to some. so much, re:others. have a listen, see what you think.

Total life forever - foals
this is catchy, that is all there is to it. spanish sahara, from the same album was gorgeous and solemn, so very different from this bubbly caffeine jolt.

Sprawl II - arcade fire
1st heard late last week, then again & again, and now, i have given in. has been compared to sound from the knife. as well as depeche mode AND new order. i think the knife is most accurate. nothing like the rest of arcade fire's new release.

Golden cage - fred falke remix the whitest boy on earth
so right. from its sound. to its hauntingly accurate message. i adore this song.

Days of our lives (light in remix) - restless people
do you like tanlines? the artist, not the residual white spans of skin the wrong bikini leaves. yes? they're somehow involved in this and you hear it. i like it. so summer. right on.

Next girl - black keys
something like the black sheep of this here list of songs, right? bluesy. moody. rough and raw. but it captures me. totally left field i know, but, i dig.

Made of - teenagers
fun. cute. dancey. & oh so euro. hints at pet shop boys, with a french accent.

Holdin' on together - phoenix
an older track from phoenix, recently revisited on a hipster run off blog radio session on XMU. inspired me to dig it up. just makes you feel good. and like dancing around.

Slow motion/tomboy - panda bear
since experiencing these tracks live at pitchfork music festival i find myself somewhat hypnotized each time i hear them. eclectic beats and layers of guitar create such killer atmosphere.

In the water - beat connection
pitchfork said it best, if you can't get enough delorean and you find yourself a little disappointed by cut copy's 1st track from their upcoming album, this is just the track you need. so right. so right. immerse yourself in this gorgeous summer bliss.
no youtube vid for this one, but it looks like you CAN get an mp3. awesome little dance track. and a good question—is this love or just music?


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