Sunday, August 22, 2010

THE GOLDEN FILTER At this instance I liken the golden filter to glasser in my own little music vacuum. Each is an electronic act centered around delicate, yet commanding females of a haunting nature (in this case, Penelope Trappes). And upon seeing each live I found myself surprisingly entranced. <---wrote this in car on way home from miami. & yeah, still holds true for the most part. The Golden Filter, live, has a darker quality I suppose I didn't expect, but felt nonetheless. Obvious highlights were Solid Gold & Hide Me. The room busted a move hard to those songs. The band should ® or ™ their beats. Seriously. They're so distinctive. Yeah, I'm glad I checked them out. And I'll continue to jump on their sick remixes. Listened to their spin on Yeasayer's Madder Red on the way down, download it here at Ear Blessings. Hope your Monday wasn't too toxic.


(in vivid, ruffly blooms from express/da-nang military skirt)

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