Tuesday, August 17, 2010

there's fashion to be found

I swear if you just open your eyes, use a bit of imagination & get over any "i'm not buying a dress at a tourist trap" pretenses, you will add serious fun to your closet that no one else will have.

That was the case on my recent jaunt to key largo. We popped in a CVS to buy sunscreen and like a moth to a flame I fled to the garish wall of apparel and walked out with the blue print sarong you see above for $9.99. My friend Melissa scored a batik-print sarong too, for $19.99, made in India. At the register I fell for a cheesy little faux-flower clip ($4)that looked like a sprig of bougainvillea. I found myself wearing it the entire weekend.
Sunday rolled around and we headed north towards home, making a quick stop at an extremely touristy little shack so Melissa could get souvenirs. And low & behold, amidst all the kitschy keys paraphernalia, I saw the strapless flower power dress above hanging on a wall. "Gotta have." I thought to myself & voila. It's so right for the waning days of summer ahead.
So seriously, loveys, know this: there's fashion to be found EVERYwhere.


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  1. maggie2:40 PM

    I love this! YOu are adorable!


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