Monday, May 16, 2011

when nothing new's arrived at your doorstep...
last night, late at night, i recalled this dress. i can thank the bathing suit i wore for a late afternoon walk on the beach, as its neckline is the same.
low & behold, i found it this a.m. during my mad dash to get ready.
topped it with a varied hem metallic silver/pewter cardie, silver wedges and a mélange of stretch bracelets, then set out to face monday, albeit grouchily. (as evidenced in below photo)

suffice to say am still in somewhat of a new music rut. and my brain is definitely suffering from this as it misfired a track from the '90s AND a track from the '80s randomly this afternoon. had to share... so happy the latter replaced the former. never did dig the former all that much, which is why it's so peculiar it came to me out of the blue:

yeah, i'm weird.
aren't you thrilled monday's behind us?
me too.

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  1. You do NOT look like you have le bebe in there. You look amazing. I remember when you wore that dress to a beach wedding — sometimes my memory surprises even myself! :)

    And I miss L7 (and Blondie for that matter), but come on, come on, come on...


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