Saturday, May 21, 2011

popping patterns.
no joke, there's little i have more fun with when it comes to fashion, than mixing patterns. it's insane, how awesome it feels when you haphazardly notice how amazing two pieces will look together. such was the case here. i was hanging up my new meghan reversible cape jacket and putting away laundry, in this instance, my forever 21 smocked waist tribal print shorts and BAM! i ripped off what i was wearing and tossed these two pieces on together with a swingy lace-trim michael stars tank. HELL. YEAH. i thought. jewel mint gold necklace. gold steve madden platforms and down the stairs i went. the german doesn't see eye to eye with me on this "WHAT are you wearing?" he asked. i just breezed by him. and later, asked him to snap a photo of me as we were leaving for dinner. i guess he had gotten used to it. he snapped two. bottom photo is for detail. try it. toss patterns together and set out into the world. it feels awesome.

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  1. Love the mish mash outfit. I think you'd like Lu Flux and Rowanjoy, I carry them because they mix fabrics brilliantly. Nice pins, by the way! ♥


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