Friday, May 13, 2011

back in black
i swing like a pendulum on speed between splashy vivid color-drenched patterns to inky, rebellious, high-drama black on the regular. but the last several months i feel like i've betrayed black on some level, by ignoring it as if it did something horribly wrong to me. and after yesterday's frilly little icing-like crochet look i craved it, head to toe today. of course i insisted on sparkling nevertheless.
bracelet - anomaly
necklace - glass blown pendant from a street vendor in murano; chain from michael's crafts
sunglasses - forever 21
scarf -
patricia field
star top - forever 21
jean leggings - hue
wedge flip flop due to swollen left ankle -victoria's secret

i wish you a weekend of surprise & intrigue.


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