Tuesday, May 10, 2011

there's nothing new under the sun, so they say.
i find that B.S. personally. but, alas, this look isn't new, just loved & happily still working in m
y current "state". ;-)

H&M + forever 21 necklaces, layered.
no joke,
delia's shades.
went in there because the store the german was in
smelled too stron
gly of plastic.
saw these baby blue polka dotted beauties
and swooned
and... last, but probably should have been 1st. $50 to "blow" on sound. want to "invest" it wisely. splurge on something i'd generally wince at spending fifty bucks on. (which is wrong wrong wrong, i don't flinch when it comes to fashion!?) leaning towards indulging in something i probably should have 7 years ago, depeche mode's 81-04 remixes release, featuring reinvented tracks by the likes of underworld, kruder & dorfmeister, rex the dog & goldfrapp, etc. etc. a grave miss on my part? if only someone would weigh in...
a brand spankin' new depeche mode remix album will be released next month, so i kinda feel like i should have this one in preparation...

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