Thursday, May 26, 2011

bloody hell, am i a maxx-inista?
hmm, nooo...
i'm an-able-to-purchase-fabulousness-ANYwhere-inista.
& with the long weekend in mind i focused on accessories for all the beachy, ritzy, guanabana-y plans i have...
the hat... so gloriously floppy & shady, has silver striations throughout, which delights a sparkling sister in massive ways.

the shoes, well, they too have a certain sheen to them & a cool jute wedge heel for summery height.

the scarf... vivid, fave hues mingle on this oversized square i can use in a myriad of ways. cynthia rowley, $10, a steal.

next week i'll post photos of all three
being put to holiday weekend use.
happy, happy 3-day weekend, loveys.

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  1. LOVE! I got a hat like yours at our recent sample sale, $2.50!!! It's darker and has a lurex-like sheen, how very clinquant. ;) LOVE the scarf. That Cynthia Rowley is my kind of designer. Saw some coral pants in Lucky the other day that I was all over, turned out to be hers as well. Have a beachy, fun-filled weekend! Interested in knowing what ya'll end up doing. Miss you and our sparkling times.


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