Friday, May 20, 2011

coveting fashion kind of hurts
i try to simply take inspiration from styles i see & dig but at times i literally go to bed lusting & craving stuff i saw in a fashion email. case in point. these icing-like white lace dresses. i wouldn't feel the slightest bit wrong about having each & every one (OK i'd pass on the bottom middle dress, it's a bit dowdy) in my closet. right along side the entire shanghai collection topshop tortured me with earlier this week. the captivating color and pattern play screams escape some place far far away & you know i'm mad about that.
but i haven't a choice but to hit "delete" and fight to eradicate these fabulous visions from my brain. then, enter my own closet and make the very best of what i find. mind you, i am a blessed girl, i find a lot. and yet, i still's hard being a girl. ;-)

how do you fellow fashion slaves cope with all the coveting?

how often do you find yourself giving in?




what's your biggest splurge?

nevertheless—what i wore today:
none of it new. you got it. #ShopYourCloset
hello summer, hello exotic.

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