Wednesday, May 11, 2011

my torrid affair with color...
lives on. the vivid hues, bleeding into each other on my smocked waist dress BLOW my mind in such a killer way. am definitely going to wear the sash belt that came with it elsewhere. metallic cap-sleeve hoodie, an oldie but awesome-y, is such love, and adds an interesting layer. (both forever 21)
necklaces: jewel mint & forever 21,
tossed on top of each other.

oh, so side note: i've been flirting, scandalously, with the thought of going red, so my aveda colorist hooked me up with strawberry blonde shampoo & conditional to play with. some might see the way experimenting with this carroty color looks once dry as jacked, but i think it looks like fire, and thus, i dig.

i owe you some #music posts, i do. but nothing's sleighed me as of late. something will come along soon, a girl can only hope...

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