Monday, January 10, 2011

Yes. I still listen to #MUSIC in '11.
so far, in '11 i've only rambled on about fashion here on sunlovey forever. have been told by a male friend that he feels ostracized when i do that. so kids, here's a little sound for you on this fine #musicmonday. the 1st thing out of my mouth when someone says "check out [insert band name here], you'll dig them." is "what do they sound like? who would you compare them to?" that perplexes people. it perplexes me too. but the questions come from the gut and out of my mouth instantly.
sometimes a band just feeeeeels like another band. they don't per se, sound like them. and sometimes i feel like i can say well if you like [insert another band name here] then am positive you dig this.
i came upon the two tracks i'm touting here on my morning commute. best part of my day. i must say. but loveys, that says a lot. because music rules the world. check them out.

destroyer - kaputt
something about this track reminds me of the pet shop boys = love. it has these underlying reflection-triggers. cool sound that makes you lose yourself in thought. melodic. and even melancholy.

the get up kids - shatter your lungs
and this one, feels like does it offend you yeah and shout out loud's cousin = love also. right out of the gate it's like caffeine. high energy, fun. likely to get stuck in your head. and that's not a bad thing. listen and/or download both with these clickable links. do tell me what you think.

la la la lace = love too.
and that's why i didn't hesitate to snatch up the pale blue frock i'm in above at edge city, jacksonville. even though it was scandalously unlined. thanks to and i came upon the PERFECT grey slip to wear underneath. cardigan is anthropologie. boots are boston proper.

you did a fab job surviving monday. go you!

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