Saturday, January 29, 2011

just haven't been myself as of late...
haven't indulged in a ton of sparkling in months.
i have erratically lopped off all my hair.
flown into crazy moody fits of madness
and my shopping habits have changed quite a bit. but most
importantly, i can't find a freakin' new order onesie ANYWHERE.i did find a cure one, a morrissey one & a depeche mode one. yep, am debuting a mini-sunlovey in late july. pigs are flying and hell hath officially frozen over.and the bottom line is, a sunlovey offspring MUST be well appointed in iconic band onesies. thus, i snagged the ones below on ebay.
i suppose that's enough news for now.
blog may change JUST a bit. ONLY when absolut ely relevant, hope you're having a way more exciting weekend than i....
@the_real_debbie & @oneofthedevout encouraged me to design my own new order onesie, and so i did:

then, low & behold, another friend pointed me to SmokinChix on etsy & holy mother load! killer onesies gal ore.


  1. @VanessaSw6:04 PM

    LOVE the onesies....and your news. So excited for you!

  2. Your mini-sunlovey will be the coolest dressed bambino ever! So exited to meet him/her in July. Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy. Hugs. K


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