Thursday, January 20, 2011

good sound friends
i make no secret about it, i consider the glow kids of pop glow some of my faves. thus, some might say it's a conflict for me to blog about them (yep, have been inadvertently told that by a wanker-ish type) but screw it. their latest release, 'Keep Love Around' IS #love.
and it'd be jacked of me NOT to talk about it. strangely enough, i find it to be what i crave when i actually go to the gym and do cardio these days. it makes my endorphins flow. granted, it conjures up a lot of additional emotional stuff i'm somewhat perplexed by. trust, next time i run into josh, aaron & ronnie i've got questions. at times it feels a lot like the lyrics are giving us carte blanche to peer into their soul, some tracks actually cause my eyes to w
ell up. and my heart to feel a little tugged at. on the whole though, this collection of sound results in a deep seated desire to dance about. it's like a multi-faceted dose of e. check out 'can you love?' here and 'just like i'm in a dream' over on the hated myspace. you can find pop glow's entire release on itunes.
my utmost faves:
keep me close, dreams come true (formally disco), just like i'm in a dream
perhaps you'll want to skip: still here
Can You Love? by Pop Glow

keep love around,

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