Sunday, January 30, 2011

february is feared and loathed by many because of one little love-based holiday. to me, that's freakin' nuts. this day mustn't revolve around those enraptured or enslaved in committed relations. instead, let it be a day full of spreading love to EVERYone we love.
and EVERYthing. on feb. 14 and through out the entire month, try uttering only love-based thoughts and words to everyone you come into contact with (yep, hard as hell, but try). reach out and tell someone you haven't spoke to in light years how bummed you are that you've lost touch, that you love & miss them this month. send your parents a card. your coworker. hell, your dog. i crafted and am sending out valentines to all my faves in the world, the people that define love for me.
why don't you:
buy a box of those silly kids ones & pass them out.
or a multi-pack of conversation hearts to give to your beloved coworkers. ;-)
all you NEED is love
spread the love.
happy february.

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