Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Luna, Love,
feeling FREE
love glows bright by the light of this brilliant night light.
a most stellar gift from an amazing person i've never even met...

...My first dalliance with twenty8twelve, yep, the racer-back tank the german was certain featured lego characters this a.m. actuality it's totally regal & pixelated.
;-)heart the . wore it with my striped rugby cardigan, victoria's secret plaid trousers and ancient miu miu loafers. my twist on preppy i suppose...

free people boutique on today & i fell madly and deeply -instantly- for this vivid red top... brain's digging bright, flowy tiers. will be just magical with my fave skinnies.
why can't it be friday?
fashion sustains me.


  1. I almost bought that top! I LOVE it, I didn't purchase b/c I realized it was much more YOU than me. Who gave you the night lite? That's awesome. You always have these amazing stories of gifts/cards/postcards from people you've never met. I like (thanks to FB I feel like everything should have a like button). Keep on keeping on, my dear sunlovey!

  2. the night light was actually from a friend i've met online thru a shared passion. was sincerely touched by her thinking of me though.


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